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Course ID# C7037: Mortgage Acceleration

DURATION: 3-clock hours

COST: $40

COURSE SYNOPSIS: Mortgage Acceleration is the ONLY clock hour class of its kind in the nation for real estate agents. It is presented by Mr. Harj Gill, International Mortgage Reduction Expert and bestselling author of; “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner” – as featured on NBC’s “Saving You Money”.

In this class you will learn the mechanics of how mortgage interest is calculated and charged. You will then be shown how to help homebuyers take full mathematical advantage of a fundamental Key Banking Principle to significantly reduce their mortgage interest cost – resulting in them Owning Their Homes Years Sooner!

This concept was instrumental in starting a grassroots consumer movement in Australia that revolutionized the entire mortgage and banking industries in that country. It is now in use by over 500,000 households in 8 different countries.

DON’T miss this fantastic opportunity to earn 3-clock hours, learn invaluable knowledge to help your clients and create unique marketing niche to say, “I’ll not only find you your dream home but I’ll show you how to Own It Years Sooner”.

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* These courses have met the requirements set forth in Chapter 308-124H WAC, and approval has been granted for 3-clock hours per course that may be used by real estate licensees toward educational requirements of RCW 18.85. In accordance with the provisions of RCW 18.85.040, and Chapter 308-124H WAC, the Director of the Department of Licensing has reviewed and approved these courses.

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Admission Policy: This course is open to all persons whether or not they are licensed real estate agents. No person will be denied admission based on race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, familial status, appearance, or sexual orientation.

Attendance Requirements: In accordance with Washington Administrative Code, physical attendance is mandatory for successful completion of this clock-hour course.

Cause for Dismissal: A student may be dismissed and enrollment terminated from a course by the Administrator or the Instructor for failure to pay tuition, fraud, misrepresentation of their correct name, taking exams for another student, or disruptive interruption of class. Students can be dismissed and enrollment terminated if there is evidence of drug and alcoholic use. Dismissed students will not receive certificates or refunds.

Fee: refer to individual class.

Refund Policy: Refunds are made only if student has called to cancel on-site attendance at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of the course – a $20 cancellation fee applies. Students who receive refunds will not receive certificates. Refunds are granted solely at the discretion of the Administrator.

Examinations: Exams are given ONLY for 30/60 clock hour courses including Real Estate Law, Brokerage Management, Fundamentals and elective courses that are designated for use as part of the requirements of the brokers license. Students must have a 70% or better passing grade. For those courses requiring examination, students will have the opportunity to retake an exam under supervision with an appointment at the Administrator’s discretion.

Course Materials: The student may receive workbooks or outlines as part of the course. The course materials and the outlines are the property of Speed Equity® School of Real Estate and are not to be duplicated or disseminated by any means including electronic without the prior written permission of the Administrator.

Certificates: Certificates are available to students that pay tuition, complete the course and, if required, pass the exam. Certificates are provided by the Administrator within 10 working days from the date the course is completed. The school will maintain records of students for 5 years as required by the Department of Licensing. Duplicate certificates may be issued for a fee of $25.00 per certificate.

Required Disclaimer: This school is approved under chapter RCW 18.85. Inquiries regarding this or any other real estate school may be made to Washington State Department of Licensing, Real Estate Education, P.O. Box 9015, Olympia, WA 98504. Ph (360) 664-6505.
Continuing Education: Speed Equity® School of Real Estate is a state approved real estate continuing education school. For more information about this course, the instructor, or other courses and programs offered contact Harj Gill, Administrator at 36ZERO-539-81ZERO9