Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password ...

No problems … you can get a new one – click here

Is Speed Equity, LLC, a licensed mortgage company?

We are simply experts in the field of accelerated mortgage AND debt reduction strategies … learn more

Is your Speed Equity® System like a bi-weekly repayment program?

The Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System is nothing like a bi-weekly repayment program or any of the traditional, outdated loan reduction methods known to you. It is a completely revolutionary program that helps you take FULL mathematical advantage of a Key Banking Principle to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage.

Is your Speed Equity® System used by any banks?

The Australian subsidiary of HSBC, the world’s third largest bank with assets of over $1 Trillion developed a home loan product specifically for use with the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System and used Mr. Gill’s book to promote it … learn more

Is the Speed Equity® System difficult to apply?

Not at all.

In fact Mr. Gill strongly cautions you to be wary of companies or individuals that try to make this sound like rocket science so they can charge you thousands of dollars in consulting fees. Our system is all about educating and empowering you to understand some basic banking principles about how interest on your home loan is calculated and charged. We then provide you with ALL the tools and resources to take advantage of that fact to Own Your Home Years Sooner.

I have heard of ‘consultants’ doing a similar thing and charging $5,000 for it. Why do you charge so little?

Harj Gill, the founder, created the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System to help people get out of debt – NOT to put them into debt. Our prices make it affordable for everyone who is serious about being Mortgage & Debt FREE Years Sooner to get started.

Can you give me a price estimate if I have to use your System for 10 or 20 years?

Let’s compare the price savings with the companies charging $5,000. In contrast, to use the Speed Equity® System you would pay an initial fee of $499 for the first 12-months and a renewal fee of $99 per year thereafter. If you paid off your mortgage in 10-years it would cost you a total of $1,390 to use the Speed Equity® System (i.e. $499 for first year + $99 x 9 years = $1,390) and you would save $3,610! If you paid off your mortgage in 20-years it would cost you a total of $2,380 to use the Speed Equity® System (i.e. $499 for first year + $99 x 19 years = $2,380) and you would save $2,620! Based on this hard math what would you rather do? Use those extra $1,000s to pay down your mortgage or pay a competitor that simply imitated Harj’s system?

If your Speed Equity® System is so good, why haven’t I heard about it before?

Because we don’t make a big fuss and we don’t advertise … ALL our customers are referred to us.

Don’t the banks lose out with your system?

In the short term – yes, because their customers will Own Their Homes Years Sooner by using this System therefore resulting in the lender making less money through interest charges.

However those lenders that take a long-term view soon realize that they will actually benefit in the long term by helping their customers to implement the Speed Equity® System. Consider that when the average family repays their 30-year mortgage in less than 10-years, they will usually make a conscious decision to “buy-up” again – often well before the 10-years. Each time they do this, they will usually refinance with the same lender – if the lender has serviced them well. Thus they will pay interest on the new loan, and each time they “buy-up”, they will build their asset base. Therefore, with the Speed Equity® System both the lender AND the borrower WIN!

I can’t get a HELOC because I have a bad credit rating, what can I do?

You should still learn about the System and find out what could be possible for you once you start using it. This will motivate you to improve your credit so that you can get yourself into a position to start using the System.

Are there any situations where the Speed Equity® System won't work for someone?

Yes. If you are spending way beyond your means then this System will not work for you. In fact, nothing will. However, if you are willing to take charge of your mortgage and your personal finances then this System will definitely work for you. If you have a Pay-Option-ARM, have had a bankruptcy in the past 7-years, or you owe more on your house than what it is worth, then you will probably have a difficult time getting a HELOC to use with this System. Other than that you should use the Speed Equity® System.

The Speed Equity® System and Your Current Loan

Do I have to refinance my entire loan to use your Speed Equity® System?

Most likely … YES!

That’s because you will need a very particular type of HELOC to apply with Harj’s Speed Equity® System and he will show you how to get this type of loan … more details in the Member’s Area of the software.

I have less than 10 years to pay on my existing home loan. Will your Speed Equity® System still benefit me?


If you want to ensure a successful retirement you should be considering investing in other cash or saleable assets. The Speed Equity® System can help you own those assets years sooner should you have to borrow money to acquire them. Here’s a story that was featured on Australian National TV about one couple that successfully used Harj’s Speed Equity® System to not only pay off their 20-year mortgage in 4 years, but also own two (2) investment properties in that time – click here for their TV story.

I could repay my mortgage right now – why would I want to?

Financial experts say that we need at least $1.2 million dollars in cash or saleable assets in order to ensure a successful retirement. The only true way to accomplish this for most people is through borrowing money to purchase assets over time. Our system simply reduces the cost of borrowing this money so you build equity much faster than traditional loan repayment methods. Har’js Speed Equity® System is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. It is however a life-long wealth creation tool & strategy that begins with Owning Your Home Years Sooner. After that it enables you to rapidly build your asset base by applying the same accelerated debt reduction principles to your investment vehicles.

I’m a first-time homebuyer. How do I go about applying your Speed Equity® System?

You are in the best position out of anyone because almost ALL homeowners say that they wish they had discovered this System BEFORE they got their home loan. Our recommendation is first, learn about the Speed Equity® System and create your plan because that will help you decide what option is best for you to apply the System.