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Save Tens of $1,000’s in Interest

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Meet The Inventor


Harj Gill (M.Ed)

International Mortgage Reduction Expert

Bestselling Author of, “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner – WITHOUT making extra interest payments”.

Harj Gill is an International Mortgage Reduction Expert & Bestselling Author of, “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner – WITHOUT making extra interest payments”. He is also the CEO of Speed Equity® LLC.

Academically, Mr. Gill is trained as a research analyst and organizational consultant.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Science and a Masters Degree in Organizational Planning & Change.

Since 1995 Harj has dedicated his life to educating home loan borrowers about a revolutionary mortgage acceleration strategy he invented, called the Speed Equity® System.

Harj is also Certified as a continuing education instructor for real estate agents with the  WASHINGTON State Department of Licensing (WADOL) (Instructor ID#: 13851) as well as being a certified Administrator of the Speed Equity® School of Real Estate (School ID# S1705).

His “Mortgage Acceleration” Clock Hour Course (ID: C7037) is the only one of its kind in the country to receive formal approval from a licensed body and is available to real estate agents in WASHINGTON State … with his book being used as a reference for it.

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Hello, my name is Harj Gill and I am the inventor of the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System. Please allow me to share with you a little background about myself, and the humble beginnings of this revolutionary concept. It’s especially important for you to know that bankers and lenders don’t like me! They don’t like me because I teach ordinary people, families just like yours, how to take full mathematical advantage of a little known Key Banking Principle that lenders DON’T want you to know about. A SECRET so powerful that it can help you slash years off your home loan and save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. Next, I am an educator, NOT a banker, loan officer or mortgage broker. In fact, I HAVE NEVER originated a mortgage in my life. However, what I have done since I created this System, way back in 1995, is to educate and empower over half a million homeowners, in eight different countries, to Own Their Homes Years Sooner. How it all started I have always had a curious nature and a strong desire to understand the world around me from a clinical, logical, and practical perspective. Therefore, it was only natural that I gravitated to the hard sciences and graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Science. I then went on to get a Masters Degree specializing in an area called “Organizational Planning and Change”. The latter qualification gave me the perfect foundation to put my curiosity and analytical mind to full use. In essence, I am academically trained as a research analyst. My specialty is to collect and evaluate seemingly unrelated statistical data from the broader contextual environment and present research-driven findings to corporate executives. My real talent lies in packaging that information in the form of emerging trends along with recommendations and strategies to help make a company more profitable. In other words, I’m a numbers nerd. In fact, I love numbers so much that I was at the top of my statistics class at University. In 1995, while working as an organizational consultant, I came across a little known Key Banking Principle that governs how interest on a mortgage is calculated and charged. When I applied my academic research skills to this subject, I quickly grasped that I could use this information to help ordinary home loan borrowers take full mathematical advantage of this Key Banking Principle. And if they followed my instructions, they could literally slash years off their home loans and save tens of $1,000’s in interest. This discovery forced me to make a conscious decision to leave the world of organizational consulting. I realized that instead of helping faceless corporations make more profit, I could use this newfound knowledge to make a huge difference in the lives of real people. So, I decided to develop the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System. This System was, and still is, considered revolutionary because it shows borrowers how to significantly reduce the interest cost on their mortgage simply by using their existing financial resources. That’s right! It’s not about working harder, but working SMARTER with the money you already have right now. NOTE: This is NOT a bi-weekly payment method! As I started teaching people how to use this System, I soon found that it was completely transforming their lives. I witnessed firsthand, as people felt the burden of a 30-year mortgage being lifted, that their thinking began to change as well. I saw them get giddily excited about the very tangible prospect of Owning Their Homes Years Sooner than they had ever expected. For many, it was the first time they had ever taken complete control of their financial future. And for the first time, they knew exactly WHAT they needed to do, HOW they were going to do it, and EXACTLY where they should be each step of the way. As a result, they started to dream about making new plans for their future. They began to live the life THEY WANTED rather than living the life they thought they had to live because they were enslaved by their mortgage payments. In 1995, I was working as a “mortgage reduction specialist” and charging $3,500 because I had to do all the calculations by hand and then personally coach people. I justified that price because of how labor intensive it was. Toward the end of 1995, I was forced to make another conscious decision. This time by a young couple that were referred to me by their friends who were using my System. I distinctly remember, to this day, how excited they were as they sat across my table to learn how much time and interest they could save by using Speed Equity®. Their delight soon turned to despair as I told them about my $3,500 consulting fee to implement my findings. They said to me; “Harj, we really want to do this program BUT we simply can’t afford $3,500 right now.” That made me feel absolutely terrible because I created this System to help families get out of debt and here were two gentle Souls that wanted to use it but the price was a hindrance. That was also a moment of awakening from me. I realized that the only difference between me and all the people I had coached was that I had this knowledge and they didn’t. As a result, I decided that I would package everything I had into a Do-It-Yourself System and make it affordable for everyone. And that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to doing for the past 20+ years. In my book and case studies, I am going to introduce you to some of these people that all started where you are today. None of them are famous or overly wealthy. They are just ordinary people who no longer wanted to be enslaved by a 30-year mortgage sentence and made the simple decision to break free. I want to conclude this personal message  by saying that I feel extremely fortunate to do something I feel so passionately about and … to have had the privilege of reaching out to and making a positive difference in the lives of so many people. To that end, I am deeply honored that you are taking the time to be on my website today and my desire is to make a huge difference in your life as well. Now, let’s begin the journey of helping you Own Your Home Years Sooner AND Saving Tens of $1,000’s in Interest as well, shall we?

“Make it a must that whenever you hear about something, read, or research something you think has value for your Life, DON’T let it become just knowledge. Convert it into action. For it is through our actions that our destiny is shaped.”

– Anthony Robbins –

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The Speed Equity® System Makes Mortgage Acceleration Easy


Step-1: Learn How

Get EVERYTHING you need to D.I.Y.

Why It’s Important

My sole objective with the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System for the past 20+ years has been to make YOU the financial expert in paying off your mortgage years sooner rather than charging you $1,000’s in “consulting fees”.

You will find  there’s a lot of misinformation about this concept out there that makes people skeptical. That’s why it’s important for you to start with “Step 1: Learn How” from the original source.

Here’s everything you will receive to make that happen:

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials … in the PRIVATE Member’s Area of this website that explain the mortgage acceleration concept visually … in case you don’t want to read my book … even though I prefer you did! You will also receive a …

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Copy of my International Bestseller“How to Own Your Home Years Sooner – WITHOUT Making Extra Interest Payments”. This book is considered to be the quintessential manual on mortgage acceleration. That’s why it’s used in my  WASHINGTON State Dept. of Licensing Class to teach mortgage acceleration to real estate professionals. It is designed to empower you with everything you need to know to implement the Speed Equity® System yourself … WITHOUT REPLACING YOUR MORTGAGE as some of my “imitators” want you to do. This book explains, in detail, why you should NEVER DO THAT in the U.S. because you will put your whole financial future in peril by exposing your entire mortgage to the variable interest rate.

Step-2: Create Your Plan

Software helps you MAXIMIZE your Time + Interest savings

What’s Included

FULL ACCESS to the ONLINE Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration Software … this is also in the PRIVATE Member’s Area of this website.

Harj’s Software is specifically designed to bring the knowledge you learn in Step-1 to life.

WHY do you need it?

  1. Helps you CALCULATE exactly how much Time + Interest you can save using the Speed Equity® System.
  2. Gives you the ABILITY to take full mathematical advantage of our Key Banking Principle to MAXIMIZE YOUR Time + Interest savings … this is done by using the built-in “WHAT-IF” functionality … most clients save $1,000’s in extra interest with this particular feature.
  3. It acts as a financial GPS that shows you EXACTLY where you should be EACH MONTH so you STAY ON COURSE to actually Own Your Home Years Sooner & achieve your Interest Savings in the forecasted timeframe.
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Once you see your results, I guarantee it will keep you keep you up at night. That’s because you’re going to realize that every day you’re not using this System is another day you’re consciously paying way too much interest to your lender that you no longer have to. And the Speed Equity® Software shows you exactly what that opportunity cost is in terms of Time + Interest savings. Origins of development When I was authoring my book in 1996, it dawned on me that if I simply wrote a book about Mortgage Acceleration, most people would read it, think it was a “neat” idea and would stop there. That would be akin to me giving you a manual on HOW TO build your own Tesla battery pack WITHOUT providing you the toolkit to actually build it. Consequently, I knew that if I didn’t follow through and give people the necessary financial tool to see how much time & interest they could save, my book would simply end up gathering dust on their bookshelf. This reasoning is supported by England’s University of Bristol’s global research study on the financial literacy and capability of adults where Prof. Elaine Kempson concluded …

“Financial literacy alone is NOT ENOUGH to help individuals improve their financial capability.

“Financial tools play a CRUCIAL ROLE to make that happen.”

That’s why I created the Speed Equity® software program … i.e. the tool. It helps you calculate exactly how much time & interest you can save using my System … which is unique to each individual. By the way, it’s not just a simple Excel sheet … It’s an extremely sophisticated personal money management and FORECASTING tool. Its sole objective is to help you quickly pay off the single largest debt you take on in your life … your mortgage. It’s true power lies in not only forecasting an end goal for your mortgage payoff, with YOUR Time + Interest savings, but much more importantly … It helps you “tweak” your plan to MAXIMIZE your Time + Interest Savings. Some clients have used the “WHAT-IF” features to slash an additional 8-months off their loan term and save over $9,000 in interest. That’s how it puts YOU IN TOTAL CONTROL of your mortgage instead of being enslaved by it. Finally, this software shows you HOW TO actually achieve your end goal of accelerated home ownership on a month-by-month basis. It’s like having a financial GPS that helps you navigate your way to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Save Tens of $1,000’s in Interest. If you do some basic research on the internet, you will find companies charging up to $5,000 for imitation versions with questionable algorithms. I don’t believe anyone should be paying that amount of money for my System & Software because I created it to help families GET OUT OF DEBT … NOT to put you into more debt. Last, the software is hosted online where you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time.

Step-3: Get the Right Loan

WITHOUT Refinancing OR Replacing Your Mortgage

The Reasoning

In Step-1 (“Learn How”) you will be taught WHY it will take you so long to pay off your conventional mortgage based on pure mathematical and banking principles.

You will also understand that in order to implement your results from Step-2 (“Create Your Plan”) you will need a second lien HELOC and four (4) banking products with the right features to do so.

Your bank or credit union may already have the right HELOC and these banking products in place to use with my mortgage acceleration System. If not, don’t worry because I give you ALL the resources that makes it easy to find one that does.

Here’s everything you will receive to make that happen:

ALL the resources for you to complete Step-3 … WITHOUT REFINANCING or HAVING TO REPLACE YOUR MORTGAGE … available to you in the PRIVATE Member’s Area of this website.

Results People Are Achieving

Using the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System



NOTE: These are AVERAGE savings. Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed.

CLIENT SAVED = 22-years + $80,000 ... READ NOW

I first came across the concept of mortgage acceleration payoff on YouTube through a series of videos from The video’s prompted me to research the strategy more thoroughly to verify its legitimacy. It turns out that there are dozens of companies marketing this strategy. “After researching this acceleration payoff strategy on several blogs and forums, I found individual testimonies of how it truly worked for them. So I was determined to learn the strategy for myself. The problem that I ran into though was the ridiculous amount of money some of these companies wanted for their services. In the ballpark of $4,000 to $5,000! “I almost paid $4,000 to… that was until I came across a YouTube video of the Speed Equity System created by Harj Gill ( ). Mr. Gill gives a brief presentation explaining how to use his Speed Equity System to take advantage of the key banking principle he discovered. I learned that Mr. Gill brought this mortgage acceleration payoff strategy from Australia to the United States in the late 90’s. I didn’t understand what the key banking principle was so I decided to purchase his book, How to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt Free (U.S. Edition). Book Review: “I devoured the book in three days! Mr. Gill is an educator and it clearly show’s throughout his book. He ensures that the most important principles are explained in a way that you won’t forget. One example is The Key Banking Principle: “The interest on your mortgage is calculated on the DAILY OUTSTANDING BALANCE and charged at the end of the month (called monthly in arrears).” He does an excellent job at helping you understand what The Key Banking Principle is and how you can use it to your advantage. “He also exposes a lot of myths and bad information circulating about money and mortgages. One example is the misunderstanding that it is advantageous for you to NOT payoff your mortgage because of the tax deduction on the interest. WRONG! Mr. Gill plainly presents in his book how this line of thinking is false and that NOT having a mortgage frees up a substantial amount of your disposable income each year. “Mr. Gill’s book also exposes the problems of how we have been taught to pay down our homes and offers a fantastic solution. With the knowledge in this book combined with the power of the Speed Equity Software, you will be amazed at how much time and interest you can save with your mortgage by using it yourself. Speed Equity Software Review: “So how do I know that we are on track to saving around 22 years and $80,000 in interest on our mortgage? The answer is the Speed Equity Software. “The software is designed in such a way that if you thoroughly go through your finances and enter your income, debt, and expense information, you are able to see what your potential time and interest savings can be. It is powerful because it gives you a target to aim at. I have heard and believe that “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” This software gives you the mortgage payoff target to aim at! “You can also input “What If” scenarios such as buying a car or going on a vacation to see how that cost would affect your time and interest savings on your mortgage. That means you can plan your spending and get instant feedback on what the future cost would be. “It also calculates the optimal amount of money to inject into your mortgage from your HELOC to maximize your time and interest savings. People like myself who have chosen to use a HELOC in the second lien position use this calculation. As opposed to refinancing a perfectly good fixed rate mortgage into a first lien HELOC costing thousands. “You must read the book to understand the information and strategy behind the above information. “I also highly suggest that you start a monthly spending plan (budget) if you haven’t already and keep it up every month. It will help you tremendously if you know where your money is going and if you are cash flow positive or negative. I use Google Sheets, which has free budgeting templates that work well in Google Drive. WARNING: If you are CASH FLOW NEGATIVE this strategy WILL NOT WORK for you. You need to know if you are making more money than you spend each month. Conclusion: “Why waste THOUSANDS of your hard earned dollars on imitators that take advantage of your lack of knowledge? When you can get it from the pioneer of accelerated mortgage payoff for a FRACTION of the cost! I ended up paying $10 for the Kindle version of this book and $499 for a 15-year subscription to the software. That’s a savings of nearly $3,500 had I gone ahead and signed up with the previously mention company. “I highly recommend How to Own Your Home Years Sooner and Retire Debt Free (U.S. Edition) and the Speed Equity Software to anyone seeking freedom from the weight of a 30-year mortgage. The banking industry doesn’t want you to know the information in this book because it leaves money in YOUR pocket as opposed to THEIRS. “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. – Proverbs 22:7

– Joshua R. Cunningham (USA) –

CLIENT SAVED = 18-years + $108,344 ... READ NOW

I am saving $108,344.14 and paying off my home 18-years earlier than the original 30-year loan. “I was so close to buying into one of the $3,500.00 copycat systems out there … I had put down the $500 deposit and was being asked for my credit card number a few days later to get started, when I asked, “Is there a money back guarantee?” The quiet but very firm “NO!” answer stopped me in my tracks. I realized I had to look around to see if there were other alternatives out there for my own piece of mind.

“I work as an Investigator for the California Department of Consumer Affairs and give this type of advice on a daily basis… “always get other estimates, know your alternatives and choices.” I started checking around the Internet. Through a discussion forum I saw Harj’s program mentioned and went to the web site. It was a blessing from heaven. “With Harj’s fair price on this system and Webinars to help, I thought it’s worth a try to save over $3,000.00, and if it’s not the same thing I can always go back and pay the $3,500.00. Luckily I was able to get that $500 copycat deposit back and happily tried Harj’s system. To my delight, I was the one controlling the program and inputting the data. “I am able to get very specific and make changes when needed. I have spent hours playing with the numbers in the Speed Equity System and have found it to be incredibly accurate. I will have my home paid off in 4 years and 8 months and will be debt free!!! I really enjoy the ability to adjust my spending habits and see immediate results. I am now thrilled in doing my budgeting and seeing my savings reflected in reduced time and interest savings on my loan. “Thanks Harj for your fairness, honesty and ingenious program!

– V. Williams (California – USA) –

CLIENT SAVED = 23-yrs. 8-months + $130,000 ... READ NOW

First, let me make it clear that I am not in any way associated with the author of this great book, other than the fact that I purchased his book and am a customer of his inexpensive software system. “I am a normal guy who stumbled across this book while searching for the most effective way to get out of debt without having to live a totally ascetic life. I’ve used the “snowball” system to small success, but life gets in the way. I have looked at “similar” systems but was put off by the large cost associated with them (usually about 7 times greater). “Then is dawned on me that everyone keeps referring to the fact that this system started in Australia in the late 90s. “Bingo! This is the man who started this very successful concept! Why not learn from the best, the originator? “Life is a series of choices. “The program that you learn about in this book enables you to see the wisdom of one choice over the other, i.e., the impact of any size expenditure on the length of time before your home is paid for. It is actually FUN to see the debts go down and to see the achievement of the goal of being mortgage free far sooner than you ever thought possible. “In fact, it is so good that it seems like a fairy tale. The difference is (unlike Hansel and Gretel) you are given “breadcrumbs” that don’t go away, that guide you back to your home and before you know it, that home you have been guided to by the software is paid in full…you own it free and clear! In my own case I am well on my way to paying off my 30 year mortgage in 6 years and 4 months, saving nearly $130,000 in interest costs. “This book is truly an education in and of itself, but I personally believe that success can come only through the simple, reasonable additional step of getting and applying the easy to use software. “The author provides a friendly, personal one-on-one after you have completed your inputs to make sure you see all the benefits. Without the software, it is somewhat akin to buying a car manual and understanding all the benefits of that car, but then being unable to get from point A to point B because you bought only the manual, not the car. “Believe me, this software that you totally control will get you from where you are to where you want to be, i.e., owning a debt free home with its consequent freedom. I am a believer because it is working for me.!

– Jim Anderson (California – USA) –

CLIENT SAVED = 20-yrs. 10-months + $85,062 ... READ NOW

First of all, I want to thank Harj Gill for having a heart for people and wanting to see them debt free and enjoying life. “Secondly, I want to thank Harj for writing this book and developing the Speed Equity mortgage acceleration system that has changed my wife’s and my life for the better! My wife and I can now sit down and discuss our finances as a family and enjoy seeing what your system is doing to eliminate our debt, help us to own our home years sooner and actually retire debt free and money to live on!! “I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but then I began to do some research and watch tons of YouTube videos. “After much seeking, praying and wanting to better my family’s life and legacy, I decided to give Mr. Gill’s system a try. There are numerous other systems out there, some costing thousands of dollars, but Mr. Gill’s system beats them all, especially when it comes to pricing. The bottom line is to be mortgage and debt free, regardless of the system. But why pay thousands of dollars for a copycat system when you can have the true system, proven to work, for much less! “My wife and I have been clients of the Speed Equity System for about a year now. The only regret we have is that we didn’t find out about the system sooner! Whether you’re in the market to purchase property, or you currently have a mortgage, do yourself a favor and read this book. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. We all work hard for our money, it’s such a great feeling every month when we see that money is finally working hard for us! Thank you so much Harj! “One significant example in the book is The Key Banking Principle: “The interest on your mortgage is calculated on the DAILY OUTSTANDING BALANCE and charged at the end of the month (called monthly in arrears).” He does an excellent job at helping you understand what The Key Banking Principle is and how you can use it to your advantage. “Don’t just get the book, skim the first and last chapter like we did in high school for a book report, but truly read the book from cover to cover, more than once, I sure did! When you understand what Harj is teaching, you can better apply the principles of the banking system and see your debt being eliminated faster than you ever thought or dreamed possible. “We will be debt free in about 10-years and 1-month, thanks to Harj Gill’s mortgage acceleration system! Even with inputting two future vehicle purchases and some wonderful investments, we are on our way to debt FREEDOM in 10 YEARS!!!! “I could go on and on, but I want you to get the book, read it, apply the principles and the process described therein, and watch your debt dissipate right before your very eyes. “You won’t regret your decision and I firmly believe the only regret you will have is that you didn’t discover this system sooner. Again, get the book, happy reading and I will see you in the land of home ownership and not the chains of a mortgage prison!! Regards, Lorenzo Mariner, Augusta, GA!

CLIENT SAVED = 14-yrs. 9-months + $127,000 ... READ NOW

My wife and I always wanted to pay off our mortgage early, but never really knew the best way to do it. This system puts all the pieces of the puzzle together in a simple, yet powerful way. “We can hardly believe it!

“The Speed Equity System is going to cut 14 years 9 months off our mortgage and save us over $127,500 in interest – without us making any significant changes to our lifestyle! This has allowed us to plan the vacations we always wanted, but never thought we could afford. “Another bonus is that in the past, my wife and I didn’t really work together on our finances. Now we feel like we are a team and finally getting somewhere when we check the results together every month with the software program that comes with the system. “Incidentally, a little tweaking of our plan with the help of our coach and the software has allowed us to save even more interest. We feel the lessons we’ve learned from this system will allow us to succeed financially for the rest of our lives. “Our hats are off to this great program!

– B. Gibson (Washington – USA) –

CLIENT SAVED = 26-yrs. 4-months + $86,067 ... READ NOW

When our coach first described the system to us, we were skeptical and did not believe the system would work. I kept hearing my 10th grade Latin teacher saying, ’caveat emptor, which means, ”Let the buyer beware”. “Our coach, showed us a print out with our $90,000 home loan with a fixed interest rate of 5.625% that would take 30 years and cost $186,513 to pay the conventional way. For this $90,000 loan, we would end up paying $96,513 just in interest payments! “Then she showed us a print out of our plan using the system. We were still skeptical but felt we had nothing to lose by trying it. “Without changing our spending habits, our income, or our budget in any way, we are now on schedule to have our $90,000 loan paid off in 3 years and 8 months by using this system. We are also on track to save $86,067.62 in interest payments. “The best news for us has been my ability to cut back to a half time position at work, allowing me more time to shop, cook, and take care of our home. Without the stress, I’ve found that I actually enjoy most of these tasks. I cannot describe the giddy feeling my husband and I have month after month, as we sit at our computer and watch the results of our plan. “What’s the catch? “You must be willing to take charge of your finances. That’s the catch. The only catch. I recommend this program without reservation!!

– H. Berchet (Washington – USA) –

CLIENT SAVED = 4-yrs. 4-months + $12,016 ... READ NOW

When my husband and I first came across this program in January 2005, we had $108,659.00 and 11 years 7 months left on our mortgage, and $31,954.25 in outstanding car loans and credit cards. This brought our total debt load to $140,613.25. “Two days before we saw the presentation, we had signed papers to refinance our house so we could pull out cash to remodel our kitchen. This would have brought our home loan balance to $150,220.00 and extended the time on the loan back out to 15 years with the total debt load then being $182,174.25. “The day after we heard the presentation we cancelled the refinance papers. “In February of 2005 we took the Speed Equity training and started our plan. With our new tools we learned that if we followed our Speed Equity plan we would save 4 years 4 months and $12,016.25 in interest. Also, all of our credit cards and auto loans would be paid off with this plan as well. But, that’s not what we did! “We still wanted to do our kitchen remodel. So, we used the software program to figure out what this would do to our plan and what it would cost us in terms of time and interest. “Our new plan included what we thought the cost of our kitchen remodel would be. The results…we would still save 3 years 8 months and $5166.68 in interest off of our original home loan. The best part is that all of our other debts would also be paid off and we would have a new kitchen….with new appliances that work! “It’s now a year later, January 2006. Our kitchen is done with new everything. “Currently we are slightly ahead of projections even though the remodel cost $6,000.00 more than the estimate. This program has given us hope where we didn’t have hope before in our financial life. It has helped us take control of our finances instead of our debt controlling us and we know we will be debt free in the time projected in our plan. “At a personal level, a huge amount of stress has been eliminated from our lives. This has also made a huge difference in our relationship with each other. For the first time my husband and I are on the same page. The Speed Equity System has really changed our lives for the better. “We believe in this program so much we tell everyone about it.

– A. Thomason (Washington – USA) –

by Leading Financial Experts


” . . . it’s a BRILLIANT System.”

– NBC’s “Saving You Money” – 


” . . . shows how you can cut the term of your home loan SIGNIFICANTLY.”

– Personal Investment Magazine –


“Gives us HOPE that we can achieve freedom from our mortgage BEFORE a ripe old age.”

– Your Mortgage Magazine –


Save thousands on your home loan.”

– The Australian Woman’s Weekly [personal finance] –


” . . . shows you step-by-step how you can Own Your Home Years Sooner.”

– Perth Woman Magazine [money] –


” With this book . . . you’ll soon discover … how you get ahead sooner.”

– HSBC Bank Australia –


” . . . an EXCELLENT SUMMARY and detailed analysis of methods by which mortgages can be effectively eliminated.”

– WA Business News –


Strategies for saving a bundle on home loans.”

– The Melbourne Age –


It’s like having your money do aerobics.”

– Mortgage Know How Magazine –


SAVE a bundle on your home loan.”

– The Sunday Times –

Endorsed by HSBC


HSBC Bank …

… has consistently ranked in the TOP-5 largest banks in the world with offices in 80 countries and assets of over $2.5 trillion – (Forbes Magazine).

In 2003, HSBC’s Australian subsidiary created & launched a mortgage product called the “Home-Smart Home Loan”.

This loan was specifically designed to help consumers implement the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System.

Below you can see HSBC’s ad that was taken out in newspapers all across the country as well as their webpage, promoting their new mortgage, using Harj’s Australian Bestseller.

HSBC Newspaper Promo

click image for larger view

HSBC Website Promo

click image for larger view

HSBC’s “Home Smart Home Loan” was not only developed and promoted in Australia using Harj’s bestseller, but went on to be offered to home loan borrowers in…

Is your Speed Equity® System used by any banks other than HSBC? >>


CAVEAT: it’s not that banks are “using” Harj’s System, but the fact that they were forced to develop mortgage products that would enable borrowers to complete Step-3 of his System (i.e. “Get The Right Loan”).

That was a direct result of his nationwide educational campaign to bring the Speed Equity® System to the Australian public.

Below are just some of the major banks in Australia that had to develop home loan products to work with Harj’s System due to pressure from informed consumers.

PLEASE NOTE: the types of mortgages listed below are ONLY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA … you’re on the Canadian website where Harj shows you how to implement his System in this country.

Speed Equity® System: Benefits


HELPS YOU slash years ...

off your mortgage & save tens of $1,000’s in interest.


YOU GET the only System ...

that has been INDEPENDENTLY reviewed AND approved of by leading Financial Experts (i.e. we didn’t pay them to endorse us).


YOU GET the ONLY Time Proven ...

Mortgage Acceleration System that changed the mortgage & banking industries in an entire country from the original guy that invented it over 20+ years ago.



of your mortgage AND your personal finances.


YOU DON’T have to ...

be a financial genius to use it.


YOU DON’T have to Replace Your Mortgage ...

to apply it.


YOU DON’T have to pay $5,000 ...

for inferior imitations of Harj’s System &/or software to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Speed Equity® System like a bi-weekly repayment program?

No. The Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System is nothing like a bi-weekly repayment program or any of the traditional, outdated loan reduction methods known to you such as increasing your monthly payments or making once-off lump sum payments. It is a completely revolutionary program that helps you take FULL mathematical advantage of a Key Banking Principle to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage using your EXISTING CASH-FLOW. To learn more about this System, please sign up for Harj’s FREE Mortgage Acceleration Class

Will I pay off my mortgage in 5-7 years with the Speed Equity® System?

No … maybe !! That is a COMPLETE FALSE & MISLEADING STATEMENT put out by imitators of Harj’s System to convince you they have a “better” program so they can charge you up to $5,000 for it. You can test that claim by asking them to GUARANTEE YOU IN WRITING that if you use their program, you WILL PAY OFF YOUR MORTGAGE IN 5-7 YEARS … BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that they WILL NOT DO THAT. Why? Because at the end of the day, this System is NOT MAGIC … IT’S PURE MATH!! Your time & interest savings will depend on three (3) factors, that are unique to each individual. They are:

  1. Your DEBT LOAD
  2. Your INCOME and
  3. Your EXPENSES

As you can see, these 3x factors are different for everyone … and therefore, so will be the time & interest savings. That’s not to say that families using the Speed Equity® System haven’t paid off their mortgage in that timeframe because plenty of them have. However, in 20+ years since inventing this System, Harj has NEVER made that as an ABSOLUTE statement because no one knows for sure your time + interest savings until you complete Step-2 “Create Your Plan”. SO PLEASE BEWARE of anyone making a claim that you will pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years because it’s just a marketing gimmick that they will never back up with a written guarantee. To learn more, please sign up for Harj’s FREE Mortgage Acceleration Class

Why is there negative stuff about this concept on the internet?

Yup. There are plenty of cynics out there, including some financial “gurus” who have never even read Harj’s book, yet claim this concept doesn’t work. That situation is made worse by the imitators of Harj’s System who not only make false & misleading claims (i.e. you will pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years), but also … … because they do a horrible job in explaining the mortgage acceleration concept, and yet …  they want to charge you $1,000’s for their questionable programs. That’s enough to make anybody suspicious! In response, the only things we can say are … Harj’s System is the ONLY ONE in existence that has ever been INDEPENDENTLY reviewed AND APPROVED of by leading Financial Experts. He has worked directly with one of “THE” biggest banks in the world that developed a mortgage product that is workable with his System and then asked him to endorse it … which he did AFTER conducting his own due diligence. Furthermore, home loan borrowers in an entire country (i.e. Australia) have been using this System for over 20-years. In that time, countless Australians have OWNED THEIR HOMES YEARS SOONER & Saved Tens of $1,000’s in Interest because they chose to empower themselves with Harj’s Speed Equity® System. 20-years from now, the cynics will still be arguing about whether this System works, whilst countless more families will have OWNED THEIR HOMES YEARS SOONER by using it. The question is … ARE YOU GOING TO CHOOSE to be one of them?

Are there any situations where the Speed Equity® System won't work for someone?

Yes. If you spend more than you earn (i.e. you have negative cash flow), then this System will NOT work for you. In fact, nothing will. However, if you are willing to take charge of your mortgage AND your personal finances, then this System will definitely work for you. Also, if you:

  • Had a bankruptcy in the past 7-years, or
  • You owe more on your house than what it’s worth …

… then you will probably have a difficult time getting a HELOC to use with this System. In which case there is an alternative method that you can use as explained in the Video Tutorial in the Member’s Area. Other than that, you should be able to use the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System.

Is the Speed Equity® System difficult to apply?

Not at all. Harj designed this as a Do-It-Yourself System over 20+ years ago and he gives you ALL the tools, resources AND Step-by-Step instructions … please read Harj’s Personal message for more information In fact he strongly cautions you to be wary of companies or individuals that try to make this sound like rocket science so they can charge you $1,000’s in “consulting fees”. Harj’s sole objective is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER YOU to be the financial expert in your own household. That begins by helping you understand some basic banking principles about how interest on your home loan is calculated and charged. He then provides you with ALL the tools and resources to take full mathematical advantage of that fact to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Save Tens of $1,000’s in Interest. It takes most people just ONE afternoon to learn about this System (Step-1) and create their plan (Step-2). However, think of it this way … The AVERAGE Interest Saving for people using this System is $109, 293. Let’s say you only save 1/4 of that … i.e. you only save $25,000 interest on your mortgage and … you spend an entire week learning about this System and creating your plan. That’s like paying yourself $25,000 to EDUCATE & EMPOWER YOURSELF with life-changing knowledge that you can then pass on to your children.

I have heard of other companies doing a similar thing and charging $5,000 for it. Why do you charge so little?

Harj Gill is the original inventor of the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System. For over 20+ years, his sole objective has been to help families get out of debt – NOT to put them into more debt … please read Harj’s Personal message for more information His price points make it extremely affordable for everyone who is serious about Owning Their Home Years Sooner & Saving Tens of $1,000’s in Interest to get started.

What if I don't like this System & want to stop using it?

That’s easy. Just STOP using your HELOC and the Speed Equity® Software and simply keep making your monthly mortgage payments. That’s it!

If your Speed Equity® System is so good, why haven’t I heard about it before?

Because we don’t make a big fuss and we don’t advertise … ALL our customers are referred to us. We hope you will do the same by paying it forward to family & friends once you start using it as well.

Do I really need the Speed Equity® Software?

Do you really need a GPS if you want to take a road trip from Salem, MA to Olympia, WA? One way to get there is to simply point in a westerly direction & just start driving. If you were to do that, you know you’ll eventually get there “sometime” … However, if you want to know:

  • EXACTLY HOW LONG it’s going to take you to drive there?
  • WHAT’s THE MOST EFFICIENT route to get there?
  • HOW MUCH gas you’re going to need? or
  • HOW TO AVOID major road & traffic delays …

Then you’re going to need a good GPS. In the same way, the Speed Equity® Software, acts as your personal financial GPS to ensure you actually Own Your Home Years Sooner & Save Tens of $1,000’s in Interest. As mentioned earlier, Harj’s Software is specifically designed to bring the knowledge you learn in Step-1 to life.

WHY do you need it?

  1. Helps you CALCULATE exactly how much Time + Interest you can save using the Speed Equity® System.
  2. Gives you the ABILITY to take full mathematical advantage of our Key Banking Principle to MAXIMIZE YOUR Time + Interest savings … this is done by using the built-in “WHAT-IF” functionality … most clients save $1,000’s in extra interest with this particular feature.
  3. It acts as a financial GPS that shows you EXACTLY where you should be EACH MONTH so you STAY ON COURSE to actually Own Your Home Years Sooner & achieve your Interest Savings in the forecasted timeframe.

Once you see your results, we guarantee it will keep you keep you up at night because you’re going to realize that every day you’re not using this System is another day you’re consciously paying way too much interest to your lender that you no longer have to. And the Speed Equity® Software shows you exactly what that opportunity cost is in terms of Time + Interest savings.

Is the Speed Equity® Software secure?

YES! There are three (3) ways we protect your information … First, we host the Speed Equity® Software on a completely separate server with it’s own firewall protection. Second, we use a VERIFIED Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate with 256-bit encryption to secure your data. And finally, we DO NOT collect any personally identifiable data such as your SSN, bank accounts, credit cards or anything else that could compromise you.

Think of the Software as an extremely sophisticated scientific calculator.

When you use such a device, you simply enter numerical information into it to get results. It doesn’t ask you for your SSN, bank accounts or any other personal information. The Speed Equity® Software works exactly like this.

The Speed Equity® System and Your Current Loan

I took advantage of the low interest rates recently and refinanced my existing home loan. Will your Speed Equity® System still be able to help me?

Yes. You did the right thing by refinancing to the lowest interest rate you could find. Now, we can show you how to Own Your Home Even Sooner. That’s because with the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System you will always pay less money in the form of interest – despite what your interest rate is and this is the key to accelerated home ownership.

I have less than 10 years to pay on my existing home loan. Will your Speed Equity® System still benefit me?

Yes. If you want to ensure a successful retirement you should be considering investing in other cash or saleable assets. The Speed Equity® System can help you own those assets years sooner should you have to borrow money to acquire them. Here’s a story that was featured on Australian National TV about one couple that successfully used Harj’s Speed Equity® System to not only pay off their 20-year mortgage in 4 years, but also own two (2) investment properties in that time – click here for their TV story.

I could repay my mortgage right now – why would I want to?

Financial experts say that you need at least $1.2 MILLION  in cash or saleable assets in order to ensure a successful retirement. The only true way to accomplish this for most people is through borrowing money to purchase assets over time. The Speed Equity® System simply reduces the cost of borrowing this money so you build equity much faster than traditional loan repayment methods. Harj’s System is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. It is however a life-long wealth creation tool & strategy that begins with Owning Your Home Years Sooner. After that it enables you to rapidly build your asset base by applying the same accelerated debt reduction principles to your investment vehicles.

I’m a first-time homebuyer. How do I go about applying your Speed Equity® System?

You are in the best position out of anyone we know … That’s because you could get this entire System for FREE

Speed Equity® System


Step-1: Learn How

INSTANT ACCESS to video tutorials PLUS we will ship you a physical copy of; “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner WITHOUT Making Extra Interest Payments” by Harj Gill.

Step-2: Create Your Plan

INSTANT ACCESS to the PRIVATE Member’s Area of of this website. This includes FULL access to the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration Software Program + Video Tutorials to create your personalized mortgage acceleration plan.

Step-3: Get Right Loan

INSTANT ACCESS in the PRIVATE Member’s Area of of this website … to help you get ALL the banking products you need to implement the Speed Equity® System WITHOUT HAVING TO REPLACE YOUR MORTGAGE or EXPOSING IT TO THE VARIABLE INTEREST RATE.



1. OUR ROCK SOLID 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE … if you are not completely satisfied with the Speed Equity® System for any reason for up to 6-months, we will give you a 100% REFUND … NO QUESTIONS ASKED.   2. PAYPAL BUYER PROTECTION … there’s a reason we use PayPal as our payment gateway partner. That’s because they will back your purchase with their independent BUYER PROTECTION … learn more

Is Owning Your Home Years Sooner & Saving Tens of $1,000’s In Interest Worth It To You?


System Requirements: The Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration Software program is an ONLINE software program so no disks will be mailed to you. The software is available to you for the duration of your subscription and is compatible with every operating system including, ALL Windows versions, Mac OS & Mac OSX, as well as Unix. All you need is a computer with internet access and you will be able to access your Speed Equity® Software account from anywhere in the world 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year for the duration of your subscription period. Furthermore you DO NOT have to input any identifiable data such as account numbers, addresses, etc. into the software program to use it.